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Methyltestosterone Tablets Genesis 25mg/tab [100 tabs]

Buy Methyltestosterone Tablets Genesis 25mg/tab [100 tabs]

Product preview: Methyltestosterone Tablets Genesis 25mg/tab [100 tabs]

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Brand: Genesis

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Product details

Methyltestosterone is for activating testosterone in men. Testosterone level is very important for men because all sexual activities are based on functioning of this testosterone hormone. The usage of Methyltestosterone provides the recuperation of this level. Also its effect in women is that it treats advanced breast cancer. How is an important hormone for men testosterone also estrogen is a very significant hormone for women. Its production is made in adolescence in large quantities. Sexual dysfunction and menstrual pattern become with estrogen. It is very interesting that methyltestosterone hormone is also manufactured less in female body but this methyltesto hormone in women is synthetic testosterone hormone. As advising 25 mg-50 mg daily, the main usage of this drug shows variability according to testosterone level, diagnosis and age of users. Before use it, take into consideration these features and say your health consultant, you should start with doses determined.


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